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School of Professional and Continuing Education 

A vitally important part in achieving the mission and objectives of 星际游戏平台 is the School of Professional and Continuing Education (星际游戏平台). Founded in 2006, 星际游戏平台 has 17 locations across four countries: Tajikistan (7), Kyrgyzstan (2), Kazakhstan (2), and Afghanistan (6). It  has graduated over 177,000 learners, of which 53 per cent in Central Asia and 40 per cent in Afghanistan are women (compared to a national average of 23%). Not only are 星际游戏平台 courses popular with young adults, but older learners as well who need new skills and continuing education to survive in a rapidly changing job market and global competition.

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星际游戏平台 provides its services in 16 learning centres located in Dushanbe (3 centres), Khorog (2 centres) and Bokhtar in Tajikistan, Naryn and Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, Tekeli and Almaty in Kazakhstan and Darwaz, Ishkashim, Faizabad (2 centres), Shughnan and Kabul in Afghanistan.

"星际游戏平台 is performing its tasks and achieving its mission at the highest possible level. It is setting new high standards, not only for continuing education, but also for other segments of education."

Dr. Isak Frumin, Professor, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Programmes & Certifications

星际游戏平台 is the leading provider of post-secondary, short cycle professional education in Central Asia, covering a broad range of entrepreneurship skills, vocational training, English language classes, mental math skills for children, business planning, and the use of technology to manage small businesses, to name a few of its over 450 course modules. These are provided in a flexible learning format that improves their employment and income generating opportunities and opens pathways for lifelong learning.

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